Proctor Spotlight – Glendon

We want to introduce to you our OLD School proctor team. The role of a proctor is to build intentional relationships with students in the field — for practically the entire semester. They will be leading the different sections of OLD School and pouring Gospel-driven discipleship into our students. Our proctors have been hard at work preparing for the arrival of students and we can’t be more excited to get this semester underway.

Before students arrived we talked with each of our proctors to see what they are looking forward to during this fall semester.

Meet Glendon,

Main sections Glendon will be leading:
Rock Climbing, Caving/Primitive Skills, Sea Kayaking

Glendon has spent the past two summers working on summer staff at Snowbird and rocked it as a leader on canoeing. He spent six months between those summers working in Uganda, Africa for a small NGO leading land development, construction, maintenance and other projects. While in Uganda, he was able to travel around the country and through Rwanda where he hiked and camped at the top of a volcano in the Congo at the world’s largest active lava lake. Then this spring he spent three weeks traveling through the states visiting national parks before he moved back to camp to serve here at Snowbird.

Glendon loves spending time in the outdoors no matter what he’s doing, whether it’s hiking or just hanging out. He is most excited about living in a community that is going to continue to challenge him to grow in his relationship with Christ. Section wise, he is pumped for sea kayaking in the Everglades!

When asked to describe his “dream sandwich” he created the following masterpiece:
Krispy Kreme glazed donuts sliced with cookies and cream ice cream in the middle.

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