Just Like That…

A staff blog from Bethany Clark of the SMO missions camp program at Snowbird, written on August 7:

It’s kind of like the scene from Forest Gump when he just stops running. He turns to the people with him and says, “I think I’ll go home now.”

And just like that — the wheel that has been turning for 12 weeks at max speed — stops.

I wrote a post at the beginning of the summer to let you know we were ready for camp, so I thought a follow-up was in order.

Was it as dramatic as you said? Was war really waged? Is everyone that tired? Absolutely!

The Lord did amazing things at Snowbird this summer. He assembled what is now a family and we marched together in unity to accomplish this enormous task.

We are confident that lives were changed this summer. We don’t count decision cards at Snowbird. Brody always says if we had 5,000 campers, 5,000 decisions were made for or against the Truth that was spoken. So we know this: Students were called from death to life and will never be the same. Staffers were pushed to a deeper knowledge of who God is by intense discipleship and service together. Missionaries journeyed here and were renewed from their fight on foreign fields and in turn encouraged the body of Christ in Andrews. Our church and camp family lost a precious life. She will be buried this week, and we all gained another level of humility as we work out what we know to be true about God by watching the faith of these two parents. They shared the Gospel in the midst of the darkness, and the light became brighter than ever. A community wrecked and raised up together in heartache.

We stop and wonder at the mystery of this walk we are engaged in, and we continue on in joy.

Ending a work like the one we just finished gives birth to a whole other thing that must be prayed over. So as this “family” leaves Snowbird and returns to their churches and schools and jobs all over the nations please continue to pray for them and us. Pray that they will rest well and then get back to Gospel work. Pray we will all keep pursuing the Lord in our downtime and not drop our guard. This is a time susceptible to wounds from the enemy as he takes no breaks.

Pray that the seeds planted in collective ministry this summer will take root in our hearts and continue to change and sanctify us for His glory. Pray for our full-time and year-round staff as they will return in a short week and walk back into this amazing service we get to do for our God. This makes little to no human sense to most on the outside looking in.
Thank you to all of you that labor in prayer over us and with us. We thank our God every time we remember you!

– Bethany Clark