Staff Blog: Are We Ready for Summer?


From Bethany Clark, May 29, 2016

“Are you ready for camp?” We have been and will be get asked this multiple times in the next few hours. Usually casually, in passing, with not much time to spare for an actual answer. I used to try and explain that “camp” happens all year, or try to answer with a nonchalantness as if the word camp was a verb – just something to be “done” for the next 10 weeks. Today however, marks the 14th time “camp” has started for me at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters and I can’t shake the thought that answering this question might actually make the person asking it wish they hadn’t….


Them: “You ready for camp?”

Me: Ready for the floodgates of hurting, misguided, culture-driven, expecting-much from this program and from our staff, teenagers to flood this property? Ready for the war to ramp up in the spiritual realms over this small acreage in Andrews, NC as the prayers of saints waft gently into heaven as a war-cry against the forces of darkness that work to gain ground in the hearts of students, staff, leadership and our families more intensely than at any other time of year? Ready for our men to be bombarded with exhaustion, and anguish over situations that will arise like a game of whack-a-mole that does not cease as the weeks progress? Am I ready to personally fight alongside other moms that are at home while our guys are on the front-lines — against our own flesh, selfishness and complacency, petty gossip and short-tempers that will want to overtake us as the weeks wear on? Even our own kids, some sanctified some not, participate in this battle in one way or another. Our human expectations try to creep back onto the throne of our own hearts.

Am I ready to pray over my house as it literally feels the weight of the war being waged for these teenagers a few hundred yards from my front door? Are we as a staff ready to be funny, on our game, sharp, wise, alert and aware for 10 long weeks in a row? Are we ready to guard our hearts and discipline our flesh? Are we ready to share Jesus’ love, hope and joy to the thousands that will come? The short answer is always – YES! But the weight behind that “yes” makes me stop in my proverbial tracks for a moment, take it all in and then whole-heartedly say: YES!

IMG_0004small group

So if you want to know if we are ready for “camp” the answer is 1,000 times, YES! Bring on the battle because we know who is in charge of the fight. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

And please – please – pray for us and our families, the leadership and staff, and the campers and chaperones that bring them. They arrive in minutes and we begin the summer of 2016. Pray with us that souls will be snatched out of the enemy’s grip and this summer will be a point of no turning back for those who hear and obey the call extended to them.

We are ready for SWO16.

– Bethany Clark

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters