Sending the Gospel at SWO16


Every summer Snowbird staffers, students and churches join in a concerted effort to raise support and send the Gospel to the unreached corners of our world. SWO16 will is no different!

We’ve connected with a national pastor in South Asia who needs a vehicle to spread the message of Christ in his region. Snowbird staff have spent time training and encouraging this pastor and his family over the past several years, and he is doing faithful Gospel work. The Himalayas are home to very few believers, and he travels several hours by bus to visit our brothers and sisters. Financial difficulties of public transportation are limiting, and he needs a small car to help be more effective as a pastor.

This summer we are raising $15,000 to help our brother in South Asia. Similar to Paul in Scripture, this pastor and his family are under significant persecution and hardship because of their faith in Jesus. Let’s encourage him through letters and prayer, and give sacrificially.

Enable this South Asian church planter to reach his people with the Gospel!
*name withheld for security reasons

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