OLDS Interviews: Bria Flores


2015 Fall Semester


Why did you want to do OLD School?

I wasn’t really mentally prepared to go to college; I felt like I needed a break. Then at summer camp they told me about OLD School, and I was like, “YES!” 



What were the biggest things you learned while at OLD School?

I think the biggest thing would be that I learned so much about myself and who I am in Christ. Also, who I am as a person because there are a lot of areas that I just fail in. There’s just so much redemption, grace and love in God. I just love Him!


What would you tell someone who is considering OLD School?

I would tell them, “You better do it, because it’s awesome!” I would tell them that if you really want to have a place where you can grow spiritually, grow in leadership and grow in a community, then this is a place for you. You realize that there’s nothing that can stop you physically; it’s just in your mind. This is definitely a great place to grow. It was the best times and the worst times I’ve had at the same time. 



What is your favorite moment from this semester?

I actually don’t have one; there are so many I can’t think of one! 


What was your favorite section and why?

Backpacking was my favorite because it was the hardest section and I think that grew me the most. I loved the rain and seeing how something can effect you physically, but if you have the right mindset, anything can be good even when there’s bad all around. 


How do you think you’ve grown since starting OLD School?

I think I’ve matured a lot. Being away from the environment I grew up in has caused me to be more of my own person, discover why I act certain ways and learn what I struggle with. I grew a  lot spiritually, mentally and physically. 




How do you think OLD School will help you in the future?

I think it will help me in all aspects of life. Not only do I now have outdoor skills that I can apply, but I can apply all the teachings I’ve learned. After all the things that put me out of my comfort zone, I now feel like it’s possible to accomplish anything because of all that I’ve learned. 


How would you describe OLD School in one word?

If I had to describe OLD School in one word it would probably be happiness.



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