OLD School Interviews: Johnna Hill


Johnna Hill

Fall 2015 semester


Why did you want to do OLD School? 

I attended SWO as a camper for a couple years and saw the promo videos. I thought it would be really fun. Last year I ran into someone who had actually completed OLD School, and they said it was the greatest experience of their life. I just figured it would be a great place to grow in the Lord and get to do some really cool stuff. 


What was the biggest thing you learned this semester? 

What a true christian community looks like. I’ve been in community before, but I was never really an active member of one, and I never tried to help build the body. When we were taught what that actually looks like it was really impactful, and I’ve been able to apply that throughout the semester and hopefully when I get back home too. 


What would you tell someone who is about to do OLD School?

I would tell them that it’s a great opportunity for you to grow in your faith and it’s just really fun. If you love the Lord, want to grow in your walk with Him and want to be around people who have the same desires to grow then do it! It’s a great experience for anyone who loves Jesus.


Give us one of your favorite memories from this semester. 

One of them is from the beginning of the semester. We were still doing our Wilderness First Responder training. We were sitting around the fire talking. We were just starting to get to know each other, and everyone was sharing their testimonies. It was good to know where everyone has come from. 


What was your favorite section and why? 

I really had two favorite sections: whitewater rafting and rock climbing. For me, rafting was just so much fun. It was literally my favorite thing we did all semester. Rock climbing is pretty high up there because we learned a lot during that section. It helped me learn what to do when I go home as far as being spiritually disciplined. 


How have you grown since starting OLDS?

I would say I’ve grown in the way I think about things because even though I knew a lot of the things we were taught, I think about it all in a different light now. I know the real reasons behind things and why we do the things we do as Christians. 


How would you describe OLD School in one word?

Can I use two words? Totally epic!


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