Give SWO Gear to your students!

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Gift cards for SWO Gear are now available! We’ve just released a new way for family and friends to give SWO Gear to campers. The process is simple: Just visit the online SWO Gear Store and purchase a gift card. Once you name the recipient, they can use the card on any products from the Snack Shack while at SWO.


  1. Visit online SWO Gear Store
  2. Purchase gift card — $25, $50, $75 or $100
  3. Options
    1. Ship to any address you want.
    2. Pick up at Snowbird – include name of attendee and SWO camp date.
  4. Use it to buy SWO Gear in the Snack Shack or on the online store.


Visit SWO Gear Store

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