SWO16 Summer Breakouts


The time is here. Our camp teachers have just released the SWO16 Summer breakout list! Look for more info on the breakout sessions coming soon, but here is a list of the titles. And, if you’re not able to attend SWO16 Summer, be sure and check out our Resources Section for audio recordings of them in September.


  • Surviving at Home
  • Building Momentum
  • Identity – Girls
  • Acting Like Men – Guys
  • How to Stay Christian in America
  • Anxiety / Depression / Self-harm
  • I’ve Got Jesus, Why Do I Need the Church?
  • Why Should I Believe in God?

Leader Breakouts

  • Preparing Your Ministry for Gender & Sexual Identity Issues
  • Dealing with Tough Situations
  • Teaching the Bible to Students
  • Leadership
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