The Refugee Dilemma

In 1994 a man named Baruch Goldstein killed 29 Palestinians, and wounded over a hundred more. He believed he was waging a holy war and that his enemies deserved killing. People of faith tend to think and act to the extremes. As Christians, we need to think and act by the power of The Gospel. In America today, it sure feels like a lot of Christians are thinking from the same mindset that motivated Mr. Goldstein. It is alarming.

There is a lot of talk and even panic over the possibility of Syrian refugees coming into our country. I don’t want to get into a political debate over whether they should or shouldn’t. But, as Christians, we need to be constantly asking the question of how we may reach people with the Gospel. The Government we have allows for voting, interaction with Representatives, and activism. We should exercise those opportunities we have been given. So vote, and correspond with the offices of your representatives and senators, and trust in the sovereignty of the same God who left Nero on the throne long enough to kill thousands of Jesus’ followers. But we should absolutely be strategizing how we may utilize every means to reach the nations with the Gospel. When the nations come to our shores, we can bellyache about how they are going to kill us, or we can meet them with the Gospel.

The Gospel is bigger than guns and bombs. Jesus is greater than Allah. IF you are an evangelical Christian, you should already believe this.