SWO Stories: Corey Hayes

Thanks to everyone who gave to support Snowbird Scholarships yesterday on #GivingTuesday. Because of your gifts, students are going to hear the Gospel and engage in life-transforming conversations with staff members at SWO16 Summer. These students would have had no other way to be here, outside of the body of Christ supporting them. We appreciate your passion for students and your love for Jesus Christ!

We encourage you to continue giving throughout the end of this year, and contact your student pastor about helping send specific students from your church to SWO in 2016. Read this scholarship story from one of our staff members, Corey Hayes, below:


“One of the reasons I began attending Hillside UMC was from seeing pictures from their week of camp at SWO in 2008. I thought if that’s something this church does then I want to be involved there, not knowing that this would be where I would hear the Gospel and be saved by the grace of King Jesus. In December of 2008, we had begun sign-ups for a week of camp at Snowbird, but I was still hesitant to go, unsure if I could afford it. That month I received an email saying that my first $100 had been paid for me to go to Snowbird in the summer of 2009. I would not have imagined that day the series of events that would come from one person’s generosity. From attending to Snowbird as a student, to serving on summer staff, to working year-round as an intern, and now serving as one of the directors at Snowbird—all of this roots back to one anonymous person’s donation for me to come hear the Gospel as a 17 year-old. I’ve since found out who gave that initial payment for me, and I remain thankful to this day not just for this person giving, but for the LORD moving in the hearts of His people to make it possible for others to come to SWO, hear the Gospel, be saved, and go into all of the world proclaiming the glories of Jesus Christ.” — Corey Hayes

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