End of the 2015 OLD School Semester

The 2015 OLD School Semester is now over. What a great semester it has been! There are 3 things I’ve really appreciated about these 2015 students:

  1. They are tough – It rained on our students more this Fall than any other Fall in OLD School history! It’s been a physical and emotional challenge for our guys, but they’ve risen to the occasion, and thrived despite the relentless rain.
  2. They are great teachers – We were blessed to hear teaching sessions from our Semester students during our Honduras section. Topics ranged from, “How do we know God exists?” to “How is God good when there is so much evil?”. These guys knocked it out of the park. The sessions were so well studied, and so skillfully presented, we were super-impressed!
  3. They finished well – These students stayed focused for the entire 94 days. They pushed hard in each section to develop in outdoor skill, and to grow in Christ. That’s rare with this generation!

We had a great banquet Friday night, with lots of good food, good music, and family all around. Thanks so much to everyone who attended! It’s a bitter sweet time for us — bitter because the OLD Schoolers are leaving, but sweet because we’re sending out strong leaders and disciple-makers into the local church, and to the ends of the earth!

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who made the semester a success: We couldn’t have done it without our proctors — Jeremy Peterson and Sarah Hewett. JW and Erin Fleming were invaluable as our OS interns! Big thank you’s to our section instructors: Maurie O’Brien, Mark Ayers, Harry McSween, Caroline Eichhorn, Nikki Smith, John Ragon, Luke Ayers, Hamilton Boxberger, James Wyble, Eric Potter, Corey Hayes, Rob Conti, Josh Martin, and Erin Fleming. Another thank you goes to our partners — Hal Peek and Tracy Nelson, Aaron and Andrew Thomas, Jono and the crew at SOLO SE, the SCCI, App Rivers, Leave No Trace, and the American Canoe Association.

Stay tuned for more blogs looking back at the Fall 2015 OLD School Semester, and more exciting news in the future!

Spencer Davis