SWO Scholarship Fund

The heart and passion of Snowbird is spelled out in our mission statement and it works itself out through our vision to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to as many students, leaders, and adults as possible. A lot of people care about a lot of things, but the passion that drives the blood of SWO is a Gospel drenched love of Jesus and desire for people to know and worship Him.

It takes a significant amount of resources and staff to serve the students that are here for a week, weekend, or even a daylong event. Our prayer is to always find ways to keep the Snowbird experience accessible to all students. This is why we are making an appeal for donations the SWO Scholarship Fund: starting this week and culminating on #givingtuesday (Dec. 1).

Support SWO Scholarships

By God’s provision, the scholarship fund has been able to provide full or partial scholarships to Boys and Girls Homes, athletic teams, local Andrews students, individual families with specific needs, foster children, and girls rescued out of sex trafficking. But we want to do more!

We love the opportunities that we have to partner with hundreds of churches and thousands of individuals each year, but as we continue to grow, our vision is that we will also grow in our ability to minister to students coming from less than ideal circumstances.

Please, call our office at 828.321.2210 or email us at thebird@swoutfitters.com to learn how you can help. We are forever grateful for the part everyone plays in Snowbird’s small part of Gospel history. Our prayer is that Christ will be glorified through it!

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