Rock Climbing Update!

Harry McSween here reporting from the fantastic 9 days I like to call the Rock-Climbing-Section-of-the-OLD-School-Semester. And what a fantastic 9 days it was; all the rough weather that our students have suffered through this semester were apparently just dues they were paying for the gorgeous weather we had while climbing. From start to finish we basked in the colors of fall and sunshine. I, Harry, have been on every single climbing section the OLD School Semester has ever done, and this one, far and away, had the best weather. And if you know much about climbing you know that good weather makes for good climbing, and that is exactly what we had.

This year’s students quickly grew to love climbing, as evidenced by their climbing day and night, some of them continuing even with torn and taped up fingers. We spent a few days bouldering, top roping, and even doing some hands-on classroom time, all preparing for HUGE (pun intended) days of multi-pitching. On day 1 of my time with the students we were learning to tie knots and how to belay, and by day 9 we had all reached the summit of a mountain via 400 vertical feet of climbing. The students worked just as hard and played hard  by learning and practicing skills and techniques that I hope they will remember and continue to develop on their own.
We worked through the first half of Ephesians 4 focusing on the unity we have a believers and building up the Body of Christ. We also taught through spiritual disciplines and focused on being built up internally into mature believers. The students were definitely challenged from the Word.  The conversation we were able to have about being more disciplined to pursue Christ was encouraging and convicting. The students will be returning from Caving this week and then heading to Asheville, NC. Pray with us that the Lord would use this time to challenge and grow these students, and bring the people the students talk to to Himself.

Spencer Davis