Caving/Primitive Skills Update 2015

Our OLD School students just got back last week from our Caving/Primitive Skills section! They had a blast! Students were able to spend time in several caves – in tight squeezes, muddy slopes and fantastic exploration. They were able to experience a variety of caves – dry, wet, vertical, horizontal and have a great time in each! In between caves, the students learned basic primitive skills. They had a surprise the first night – being placed in the woods and having to build a shelter and make a fire! The second day, the students learned how to build fires, make a debris shelter, and caught/cleaned fish. On the third day, they received a lesson in game preparation – both chicken and squirrels. Both animals led to a hearty lunch and a great send-off for their last activity. That activity, the culmination of the primitive skills, was a 40 hour solo experience in the woods. The students thrived in the woods (even with constant drizzle) and students rejoiced that they were able to draw in close communion with God and put away the distractions of the outside world. Some even said that the solo experience has been the highlight of their semester so far! Special thanks to our good friends Hal Peek and Tracey Nelson for making the primitive skills section a reality! Please keep praying for the students as they leave for sea kayaking in the Everglades this week.


Spencer Davis