World Tour Update

This year, one of our destinations on SWO World Tour was eighteen hours away in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! Brody and Zach preached at Rethink 2015, a DNOW at Bridgeway Church. The theme this year was It Is Finished. Bridgeway Church has been coming to summer camp since 2013, so we sent a few SWO Institute students to lead share groups and minister to their students.


We caught up with three of our staff members to get their take on how the weekend went.


Brody Holloway, our camp director, flew out to preach for the second night of the DNOW: “I love the students and leaders of Bridgeway church. There’s no doubt in my mind that The Lord has brought us together for the advancement of the Gospel. It was good to come out and partner for the weekend. It really does get us excited about making and growing disciples together in the days and years ahead.”


Holly Grier, one of our SWO Institute students, loved the time she spent with one of her favorite groups: “The Lord definitely grew the students during the DNOW. Seeing students preach the gospel to the kids in the sports camp we worked at was encouraging, as well as seeing them really listening to the sermons. I think the students got a better picture of how incredible Jesus is;  I was in awe of how they responded.”

 Austin Scott, a second-year SWO Institute student, enjoyed both the fellowship and the teaching: “It was great to catch up with campers who I would now consider friends. It was cool to see how they have pursued Christ since summer camp, and getting to point them to scripture so they can ultimately conform more to Jesus! It was a great time to reflect on the centrality of the cross, through the teachings for my own personal evaluation and holiness. It was also just a lot of fun getting to go down a freezing, 100 foot slip-n-slide with powder paint getting thrown in my face all for the sake of the Gospel!”
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