Faces of Snowbird: Austin Scott



After a full day of work, I finally got to sit down with Austin Scott. Our interview had been re-scheduled more than once because he spent his day helping a local family move. Once he showed up, he was noticeably worn out: his hair was a little matted, his shirt had some sweat stains. Nonetheless, Austin was giddy with excitement for the interview. We were able to find a quiet picnic table amidst a freshly mowed field to sit down and talk.



How long have you been at Snowbird?

This is my second year interning, and it’s going to be my fourth summer. 2013 was my first summer and I did Servant Team, that’s the high school program, and then I came back 2014, and that was when I did transition team. That was the first time I worked with students, and after that I stayed here. And now, a year and a half later, I’m on my second year of interning.

So you’ve worked three summers so far. What was that first summer like?

My first summer I had a lot of staff members from back at home, my home church, and it was in between my junior and senior year of high school, so it was my first time away from home. That wasn’t scary, though, that was exciting. But I came here only knowing three or four people, so I pretty much had to make all new friends. But the good thing about that was that me and five other guys were stuck together 24/7 anyways, so there were forced friendships – but they were good friendships, nonetheless. Those are some of my best friends now. I love those dudes. Also, the summer staff that summer was super intentional with me. There were a few guys that just took me to do laundry, asked me how life was going, how my studies were going. I got to teach a few sessions with Servant Team that summer, I taught on hell, sanctification and glorification. My study of hell was one of the most intense studies I’ve ever done. My leaders at the time just helped me through it. They gave me resources to study, and they walked me through it as I taught it. But they made me see it all click, if that makes sense. The Holy Spirit really used it to put an urgency on my mind, and the reality of hell really hit home. That summer changed my life, and the fact that I saw the need for people desperately to hear the gospel and understand it. My dependency on the Lord changed that summer so much.

What’s your best memory from working here?

Shawn Grier got stung by a bunch of bees one time. Legs swollen, everything. My first summer. That was hilarious.

A lot of people have a certain stigma associated with them. People will say they’re ‘this guy’ or ‘that guy.’ What kind of ‘guy’ are you?

I think people have a misconstrued idea of me. I think because of the relationships I have with people from the past and people seeing that, they think that I’m this constantly funny and energized guy that wants to do stuff 24/7, that I’m crazy, psychotic and over-the-top obsessive with things. I don’t know.

Well, if you could be any ‘guy,’ who would that guy be? What do you want to be known as?

I want to be known as a leader, but not like, ‘oh he’s a leader because he’s in this position’ but like ‘he has a good work ethic, he builds relationships, he pours into people, he sets the tone, he sets an example.’ Maturity, growth, like that’s what I want to be known as. I don’t necessarily think that is what I am known as, by any means, so, growing to become that. Yeah, people think I’m funny, which – okay, granted, I think I’m funny. A lot of other people don’t think I’m funny. But, that’s okay, I don’t think a lot of people are funny.

Why are you still here at Snowbird?

I remember, at the deadline, week five [of this summer] we had to know if we were staying for the year or not, and I didn’t know, so I just turned in an application and was going to hope that, if something else popped up, I could just drop it.  Being at home, it would be easy for me to get a good-paying job, start raising money for college, but honestly that’s just not where I’m at right now. So I wanted to come back. I wanted to be under the council and leadership here. I wanted to grow more as a man and in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord. I wanted to be a part of this community again. And ultimately, I knew that, going home, I wouldn’t pursue the Lord more in that environment, and I needed to be here to continue to build that personal discipline. Which, that’s an act that I need to get down for when I get home, like I need to discipline myself to be in the Word, and study it. I knew being here is where I needed to be.

Austin is a member of the SWO Institute, a year-long internship program with Snowbird that trains students biblically, theologically, and vocationally, as well as prepares them for ministry leadership.


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