Backpacking REMIX

Josh Martin here –
Semester students didn’t allow rain from their initial backpacking trip to sway them from hitting the trail once again.  After taking a short break to allow Hurricane Joaquin to pass by, the students picked up right where they left off.  Having just finished up Swiftwater Rescue training and Whitewater Guide training on the river, and having hiked for 5 straight days in the rain, the students were ready for some sunny skies.

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Our first day on the trail was just that, beautiful blue skies and colorful fall leaves.  We hiked along a river that was overflowing its banks the last time we saw it.  The students enjoyed the warmth of the sun while finding the best swimming holes along the trail.

Our second day, however, had the students questioning the timing of our return to the woods.  They were faced with non-stop rain, very low temperatures, and steep trails.  But this is a tough group of students and they pushed through the cold and the rain with a smile on their faces.  That evening, we all enjoyed a nice hot meal and extended time huddled under our tarps to stay warm and dry.
The cold and wet days made us all the more thankful when we finally got to enjoy the warmth of the sun for the last two days.  We had such a good trip that no one was ready to go home on the last day!

– Josh Martin

Spencer Davis