Erin & Julie – SWO Institute for OLD School


Hey y’all, my name is Erin Fleming and it’s my honor to serve as one of the two OLD School interns, and to be able to share with you guys about what that means!  As OLDS interns, my partner Julie and I have two main responsibilities: food and gear.  We’re in charge of planning out, buying and packing all of the food the students and proctors take on each section, and we cook most of the meals during the in-town sections like the Wilderness First Responder and Swiftwater Rescue sections (definitely a good learning experience, because neither of us had ever cooked for 25 people before).  We also handle a lot of the gear, doing inventory and maintenance when necessary.  But without a doubt the most rewarding parts have been the new ways we get to interact with people.  We’re going on several recruiting trips throughout the year (including one recently to Valdosta and one in November to my college town, Lakeland, FL), giving us a great opportunity to invest in and shape the future of the program by drawing in potential students.  And, of course, we’ve been able to hang out with, pour into, and pray over the 17 incredible fall semester students and proctors!
Thank you so much for reading and please continue to join us in praying over this semester and everyone who gets to be a part of it!
Erin Fleming


Spencer Davis