The Resurrection: Christ’s Power on Display

Each summer, our incoming summer staff begin studying through assigned passages of Scripture along with our year-round crew. SWO15 is all about the Resurrection of Jesus, and we are loving digging into the heart of redemptive history.

Below is a study note submission from Adam Garner, first-year summer staffer. Staff training begins on-site Monday. Pray that God’s Spirit works through him this summer as he proclaims the Truth to students daily!


Matthew 27:57-28:15

One thing that stood out to me right away from this passage was 27:61. It says,
“Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were there, sitting opposite the tomb.”
I’ve heard that many people try to reject the resurrection of Jesus by saying that Jesus was never raised from the dead, but that the women just went to the wrong tomb. This verse clearly refutes that theory. Scripture states that the women were at the tomb at the time of Jesus’ burial. Therefore, they would have known exactly which tomb Joseph buried Him in.

In verses 62-66, the priests and Pharisees gathered to discuss Jesus’ burial. Jesus had said before his crucifixion that he would rise from the dead 3 days after his death. So they requested that Pilate guard the tomb with soldiers. They thought that Jesus’ disciples would steal His body from the tomb and claim that he had resurrected from the dead. They didn’t believe that Jesus would actually rise from the dead. I love verse 65. Pilate tells the priests and Pharisees to guard the tomb with soldiers and “make it as secure as you can.” Just another reminder in scripture that even man’s best attempts are nothing compared to the almighty power and authority of Christ. Even though they secured the tomb, Jesus rose from the dead just as He said He would.

Again I just love the power and glory of God shown through the resurrection. 28:2 says that when the angel came down from Heaven, there was an earthquake and the stone rolled back. “His appearance was like lightning and his clothing white as snow,” (v3). Scripture says in verse 4 that the guards “trembled and became like dead men” because they feared the angel. The angel then told the two Mary’s that Jesus was not there, but had risen from the dead. They then ran to tell the disciples and met Jesus and fell in worship at His feet. It gives me chills just to read this.

After the resurrection, the soldiers reported to the chief priests what had happened. I imagine that they were overcome with fear when they heard. They paid the soldiers to go and tell the people that Jesus’ disciples had stolen His body, not that he had resurrected. Their behavior seems to be very fearful and paranoid. They tried to do everything in their power to keep the people from hearing about the truth. But it was nothing compared to the power of the resurrected Christ.

– Adam Garner