Missions Wrap-up

Last weekend we hosted our 2015 Missions Conference. It was an incredible time for students and staff to get a glimpse into why we are to treasure the Gospel and how to do that in our daily lives.

Brad Lovin, long-time friend of Snowbird, opened our weekend with a message on treasuring Jesus beyond all earthly gain. Brad also taught two separate break out sessions of reaching our neighbors and reaching the nations.

Shelli Lewis taught a morning session called “Un-romanticizing Missions.” She dealt with a lot of misconceptions missionaries face before going out into the field and how to combat them. Her honesty and her heart for the Gospel are so appreciated. Our Saturday night session was taught by Brad and Jackie, dear dear friends of Snowbird. They encouraged and equipped students to be intentional with the Gospel in their day to day lives by means of hospitality and obedience.

“Choose to live your lives next to those who have never heard the Gospel”

Over the course of the weekend, students were able to learn about both local and foreign missions opportunities, as well as talk with exhibitors form IMB Fusion and Global Year.

We look forward to our next Missions Conference. Missions is at the heartbeat of Snowbird and it’s an absolute honor to encourage students to live their lives for the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!