Thoughts from a Semester Student

We love to hear from former students about their OLD School experiences. We especially love hearing how the LORD grew them while they were with us. Rebekah Turbeville was an OLD School student this past Fall (2014). Here are some of her thoughts, and some of the things she learned – looking back:


“1. God has a mind of His own. What I mean by this is that when I applied to OLD School I did it because I wanted the experience and to gain many outdoor skills that would look good on a resume. However, God had something totally different in mind. (Read below for His reasons)

2. Because I entered OLDS for selfish reasons, I was distant and wanted very little to do with those around me. When we reached the part of the semester where people either run to God or run from Him, all of us students ran to Him. Suddenly I found myself surround by brothers and sisters who wanted to walk with me through this journey. Had I been open from the start I would have seen that they were there all along.

3. Another thing God taught me was that He already knows how much of a sinner I am and does not need to be constantly reminded. This was perhaps my favorite lesson because I was able to finally sit back and allow God’s love to pour over me. I realized that He knows I am a sinner in need of His help, that is why He sent Jesus. The only response I had to this overwhelming realization was one of awe and silence.

4. Lastly, I learned that God speaks through His creation. It took some time for me to finally hear God but once I started it seemed as though He was everywhere. Whether watching the sunrise while sitting on top of a mountain far above the clouds, listening to the waves crash on the shore as I fell asleep, or hearing laughter over the crackling fire it seems God is always using creation to draw us to Him. Even now thinking about it I feel myself being drawn to Him.”

Thanks for sharing, Bekah!

Spencer Davis