DNOW Made Easy

This year we’re providing a DNOW season here at Snowbird. And you might be wondering, What’s the benefit of doing your DNOW at SWO? Great question!

  1. We have a great staff: our staff is passionate about encouraging students and challenging them with the Gospel. We want your students to experience the intentional small group time that DNOW weekends offer and we’re more than happy to accommodate!
  2. We provide awesome recreation: We have lots of space and recreation options for your students to have a great time outside during the DNOW weekend. It’s something we really enjoy doing. Plus, everything’s better with rec.
  3. We take care of logistics: The nightmare that many youth leaders face when planning a DNOW weekend is unbelievable. From finding host families, to scheduling events, to planning the basic teaching sessions, youth leaders are facing a mountain of details. Thats where SWO comes in. Everything is on our property. We have meals together, learn together, and have small groups on the same property—and youth leaders have little to no details to mess with. It’s a win-win.

Spots are filling up fast for our DNOW Weekends. Register your group now!

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