A Youth Pastor’s Take on Make War

In preparation for our Make War weekends which start in just two weeks, we’ve been talking about things related to purity and why we feel it’s important to have these weekends. I wanted to get the perspective of a youth pastor who has brought his students to Make War before. I talked to Daniel Ritchie, youth pastor at First Free Will Baptist of Wilson, NC.

Why is the make war conference important?

“Because holiness is important.  If there’s a key area that students today are being crushed by, it is in sexual purity.  This conference sets the students’ affections on Christ and sends them out with what they need to make war against their sinful flesh.”
As a youth pastor, why would you recommend the conference to other churches & youth groups?
“There are other purity events that have more notoriety, but Make War is the most solid purity event I’ve seen.  This weekend is bigger than a commitment or a ring, this weekend is all about the call to holiness that Christ has set on your life.  That’s something that I always want my students to be fed – not moralism, just Jesus.
Snowbird is committed to pointing students to the centrality of Christ in all of life. In a culture that is so aggressively opposed to purity of heart, we’re excited about the opportunity to pour into students the truths of Scripture.
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