Why the Make War Purity Weekends Matter

In two decades of student ministry, a lot has changed, both in American culture, and in the church.  The Internet has been the primary catalyst for so much change, but the rise of the personal device has exploded the impact of the internet in the last 3 years.  When I was growing up, if a kid wanted to look at porn or hook up with a girl, he had to work at it a little bit.  Not anymore.  There is an epidemic that is burning through this generation like a plague.  Smart phones, tablets, and open access to the Internet have made the epidemic of porn worse than it has ever been.  This is having a devastating effect on families.  From a young age, sex is being perverted and tainted in the eyes of American children and teenagers.  Many of them are the victims of sexual abuse and exposure to porn before the age of 12, and by the time they can begin to really process feelings, desires, and relationship, everything is confusing.  Unbearable guilt, despair, and addiction are often the results.

At SWO Purity Conferences we try to help students understand that there is freedom from all of this, through the power of the Gospel.  The same Gospel that saves us also sustains and grows us.  As we are sustained and built up, we become like Christ.  This is a work of God IN us, and we need to live as he has called us to live.

We invite you to attend one of our Make War Purity Retreats this February, and point your students towards a life of holiness in Christ Jesus.