Resources To Support Your Fight For Purity

January 16, 2015

Pornography is a huge issue in our generation. It’s everywhere you look. Here are some organizations that are doing their best to help you fight the avalanche of pornography in front of you every day.

X3 Watch – developed by XXXChurch, this software is a practical way to help you filter what you see online. “Whether you’re on a desktop computer in your office or traveling with your phone, there’s a version of X3watch that works for you. Access X3 on all of your computers and mobile devices and sync everything into one account.” X3Watch also encourages an accountability feature where a report of what you view online is sent to people you trust as a form of accountability and motivation. The best part? This Software has a standard version for FREE.

Covenant Eyes – This is another software dedicated to helping you protect yourself from all the pornographic content out there. This software comes in a personal package with accountability features and a Family package where each member in the family has access to the accountability feature. These are both incredibly affordable options with a sophisticated community and blog to follow—stories of restoration and advice when dealing with this taboo topic.

Dirty Girl Ministries – By now, we should be well aware that Pornography is a women’s issue. Dirty Girl Ministries was founded by Crystal Renaud, a woman who recovered from an 8-year bout with pornography and sexual addiction. This ministry has a blog dealing with these issues as well as books related to dealing with recovery from a woman’s perspective.

Need some information on the issue of pornography? Here are some articles our teachers have used as resources to prepare to teach on this topic in the past:

“Sexual Sin in the Ministry”– Desiring God

 “Fake Love, Fake War… – Desiring God

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