5 Reasons YOU should take a “Gap Semester”

After High School graduation, many people participate in a long-standing European tradition popularly known as the Gap Year. The Gap Year has gained recognition in the U.S. in recent years as well and for good reason. Have you ever considered taking a Gap Year – or even a Gap Semester before heading to college or pursuing a career? Well we are here to help, and share with you a few reasons why a Gap Semester might be just what you need.

1. The chance to travel and see things you’ve never seen.
Our world and even our own country is filled with places and sights many of us will never get the chance to experience. College is here now, and next is a career and hopefully a family. These things are great, and we highly recommend them.  However, this chance to travel and experience the world won’t likely come back around. Now is the time. Go, see, visit, taste and experience what’s out there.
2. Academic burn out.
You have been in school forever! At least it seems that way, right? So instead of starting college with a lack of motivation, take a break.  Recharge and refresh, then come back with a new drive and desire to gain knowledge in the things you love. In a best-of-both-worlds scenario: some Gap Semester programs offer college credit! Now you can continue your education without classroom burnout.
3. Adventure for a purpose.
During a Gap Year you will be in a once in a lifetime season of life with no spouse, no kids, no schoolwork, no career, and almost no worries. Don’t waste this season on yourself! Take advantage of your youth. You can be used for the Gospel in this season of life like never before, and like never again. Maximize this focused time of life – not by exploration alone, but by serving the Gospel.  Ever think about going to a different country; ever think about learning a new skill or just going on an epic adventure? Well why not? Learn how to tie the adventure of your Gap Semester into discipleship, missions, and reaching the unreached.
4. Better college experience.
Students who come back after a gap year are reportedly more involved in campus activities and even produce better academic results. Adaptability, confidence, desire to learn and maturity are just a few life skills that will grow tremendously during a gap year. These skills will also transform every area of your college experience in the best way possible.
5. Figure out what you want to do in life.
Most students going into college don’t know what to say when someone asks them what they want to do with their life. But in reality, you haven’t experienced much in life yet. So why not take the time to figure it out before you swap majors a few times, wasting precious time and money? A Gap Year will give you the chance to broaden your horizons and really take a look at all your possibilities. Try new things, find out what you’re really passionate about, and then go all in.

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