10 Reasons Why OLD School is the Semester for You!

A few days ago we talked to you guys about the benefits of a gap year and hopefully we piqued your interest. Now we want to share with you why our OLD School program should be the adventure you choose.
The Outdoor Leadership and Discipleship School (a.k.a. OLD School) is a program that allows you to have the Gap Year experience you are looking for- and so much more. Many former OLD School students say that the experience they have in our program is one of immeasurable value.
Here are a few examples of what OLD School can do for you beyond other Gap Year experiences.

1. You will gain backcountry skills: how to cook, clean, sleep, and stay warm in the wilderness.
Many college-aged folks don’t know how to cook in the “frontcountry”… much less in the wilderness! You’ll learn all the skills you need to not just “survive” out there, but to thrive!

2. You will have the chance to become a certified Wilderness First Responder as well as a Swiftwater Rescue Technician.
These two National-level certifications are quickly becoming the industry standard for outdoor professionals. These certs look great on resumes, provide great confidence personally, and give you the skills you need to take care of your group in all kinds of outdoor emergency situations.

3. You will be able to focus on God and His creation without the distractions of daily modern life.
When was the last time you went a week without checking Instagram or Twitter? In our modern lives, we don’t even realize how disjointed and distracted our lives have become. This semester provides you with a focused time of growth in Christ!

4. You will have the opportunity to mature and explore the foundations of your faith.
Many students go to college without a solid foundation of what they believe – and why they believe it. During OLD School, you’ll have a chance to dig deep and explore the what and the why of the Christian faith.

5. You will be immersed in Biblical community and gain lifelong friendships.
Experiencing life together in the wilderness for three months really solidifies a group together – even more so if that group has the common bond of Christ!

6. You will learn spiritual disciplines and be able to put them into practice immediately.
Whether it’s personal Bible study, quiet meditation in the woods, or prayer on the trail, you’ll grow in personal and Spiritual disciplines while you’re out on course.

7. You can receive up to 15 hours of college credit!
This one is a no-brainer! Not only will you get the experience of a lifetime, but you don’t even have to put your education on hold to do it! You’ll be learning in beautiful wilderness classrooms for a full semester! While your friends are stuck in the computer lab, you’ll be earning credits on a multipitch climb, or in a sea kayak!

8. You will go to Honduras and get to show the love of the Lord – giving back after you’ve been poured into.
After being poured into for an entire semester, you’ll get the chance to minister. You’ll be able to build relationships with some of the 600 kids that live in the orphanage we partner with in Honduras. It’s a great time of growth and ministry!

9. You will be mentored and discipled through the whole semester by our staff, who desire to see you grow in maturity in every area of your walk with the Lord.
We keep the staff to student ratio 1:4 in order to build solid relationships with OLD School students. You’ll learn leadership by example, as your instructors and proctors pour into you individually, and the group as a whole.

10. You will get to go on adventure after adventure with a group of people you will grow to love while diving deep into the Word of God to grow in your knowledge of Him.
Someone once described OLD School as a series of once-in-a-lifetime events back to back for an entire semester! Add to this that you’ll be involved in an in-depth study of one book of the Bible, and the stage is set for a life-changing adventure. Join us this Fall! We can’t wait to grow together with you.

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