SWO Approved: Advent Resources

Because of Christ, Christmas really is the greatest time of the year. During the month of December, Snowbird families are busy celebrating with family and remembering the glorious gift of Jesus–God became man to save us in His grace. What can be more exciting to celebrate?!

After polling our staff, here are some of our favorite resources to use as a family or individually. Our teachers wholeheartedly recommend these books and blogs (most free), and encourage you to sit down regularly around the Christmas tree, open the Bible, and follow through one of these as a simple tool to point your thoughts towards Christ Jesus.

  1. The Greatest Gift — Ann Voskamp
    • Here is a trailer for the book, a good explanation of the book. This newly released book is on the shelf of many SWO families and we are excited to work through it this Christmas!
  2. 10 Days of Advent — Amy Davis
    • Amy is the wife of Spencer Davis, SWO teacher and OLD School director. Here is a blog that she wrote specifically related to families with toddlers. Their family started this great project that can easily and fruitfully be replicated each year.
  3. The Dawning of Indestructible Joy — John Piper
    • Highly recommended by Zach Mabry, Spencer Davis, and Kaitlin Jennings!
  4. God Rest Ye Merry — Doug Wilson
    • “The repetition of Christmas traditions can appear to dull the powerful nature of the holiday. God Rest Ye Merry is meant to rekindle the Christian’s understanding of Advent on every front, from politics to shopping to uproarious celebration.”
  5. Good News of Great Joy — John Piper
    • Another great work by Piper, enjoying the focus on the Joyous advent of Jesus’ birth!
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