End of the Semester

As we have reached the end of the 2014 OLD School Semester, we have mixed feelings. We’re sad to see these OLD School students go… we liked them a LOT! They were a very teachable bunch, eager to grow and be stretched. These guys kept the instructors laughing the whole semester! Each one of these students finished strong. This semester was not without hard times for many students, but God used these things to conform them more and more into His image.

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On the other hand, we’re eager to see these guys go back into this culture and impact it for the Gospel. It’s our prayer that students would immediately re-enter back into the local church, and be used of God to make a lasting difference. We pray that these students will be life-long disciples, and life-long disciple-makers. Pray with us that the Lord would lead many of these students to use the skills they’ve gained at OLD School to reach the unreached who live in hard-to-access places across the globe.

Spencer Davis