Why Servant Team is a Great Way to Spend a Summer


Coming to Snowbird’s Servant Team as a high school student, I knew I had a desire and a hunger to know the Lord but didn’t know how to study the Scriptures. Servant Team provided me with instructors who taught me how to study the Bible well. Servant Team also provided me with the means of learning a skill— how to work with my hands and really build a work ethic. Leaving the Snowbird Servant Team, I was equipped with a knowledge of not only how to study Scripture, but also how to apply what I was learning in the context of hard work and serving people.

This past summer I had the awesome privilege of working with the Servant Team as a leader and it was awesome being in a position where I was able to instruct students how to study Scripture and teach them how to work hard as a team. It was cool to provide them with the same thing I was provided when I was in high school.

A Student in high school should consider doing servant team for two reasons:

  1. You’re going to learn how to study Scripture adequately. We spend a lot of time in the Word. The leaders have a lot of time to invest in each student’s personal growth. It’s an opportunity for Servant Team to come beside older, more mature Believers and see how they live in light of their pursuit of Christ.
  2. You’re going to learn how to work hard. For anybody wanting to learn a skill and the value of a good work ethic, Servant Team is a great fit.

A desire to know Christ more and study Scripture in an adequate way, along with a desire to work hard for the good of other people and the glory of God–All of these things are met in Servant Team.

–Dallas Beasely

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