SWO in South Asia

There are a few things pretty much all Snowbird Staff members seem to have in common: a love for students, the ability to play HARD, and a passion for the nations. Recently, some of our former staff took action and went overseas to share the Gospel.

Josh came to Snowbird summer camp in 2010 as a Mormon. Through the study of Scripture and the hearing of the Gospel, the Lord saved Him. He participated in our OLD School semester and proceeded to intern here for 2 years before going on a three month mission trip to South Asia this past Summer.

Josh and his team (consisting of other former SWO staff members) taught wilderness first aid as a platform to share the Gospel. He sat down with me to share a little bit about his trip.

“We went through and taught basic first aid stuff. They don’t have hospitals in a whole lot of places, especially the villages. It takes almost a full day to get there, sometimes even longer. We taught them basic first aid – how to keep people alive on their way to the hospital, how to stop bleeding, how to clean a wound, how to move a patient to a safe place, how to treat a patient. We taught eight classes in the three months we were there.

The classes were probably our biggest opportunity to share the Gospel. We would teach ethics. I would say, ‘an ethic is something you do based on something you believe. To help you guys understand this, I’m going to tell you what I believe.’ I would just go through the Gospel and share my testimony, which is kind of unique because I used to follow a false teacher just like them.”

Josh taught the Gospel. He told them how before He knew Christ that his life consisted of trying to do enough good things in order to achieve favor in the next life, much like the people he taught. Through these conversations he was able to point to the redemptive work of Christ. Josh and his team were able to share love with the people in the classes.”…Because of the love my God has for you,” he would explain to them.

The team lived with a family of believers between teaching sessions where they built relationships and tried to encourage and equip the few local believers to share their faith boldly even in the midst of persecution.

The Lord is truly good and we can’t wait to see how the relationships built and seeds planted there will work towards the advancement of the Gospel across South Asia. We ask that you would continue to pray with us for the people of South Asia, that they would have open ears and open hearts to the call of the Gospel.