Climbing update

Harry McSween here – back safe and sound from another OLD School climbing section. Yet again I was given the opportunity and privilege to lead the rock climbing trip for the OLD School semester, and once again I had a blast!

Linville Gorge view-46 RB Top Roping-98Bouldering-13  Attic Window Rap-1 Linville Gorge view-26  Multipitch-13
Did it rain a lot? Yeah. Was the weather less than ideal? Sure. But is it still rock climbing for 11 days while teaching through the book of Ephesians and talking about the unity that believers have in The Spirit? ABSOLUTELY!

This years OLD Schoolers toughed out some of the worst weather I have experienced in the highlands of North Carolina, but the Lord was faithful to keep us safe and even supply us with a warm, dry place to read, study, and hang out during the storm. All that to say, these students are tough and remarkably patient, and their patience paid off. The climbing section ended with good weather, great climbing, and the BEST views around.

Linville Gorge view-21
Our teaching this section went through the first half of Ephesians 4 and dealt a lot with the unity we have in Christ and through his Spirit. It was encouraging to see the students respond to the scriptures faithfully by encouraging one another, building up the body and speaking the truth to one another (Eph. 4:15-16). Continue to pray for the OLD School students and their leaders as the semester goes on. The students are almost half way done and our desire is that they finish strong and continue to grow into the image of Christ.

Harry McSween