As the countdown to summer gets smaller and we continue to prepare camp for the summer, we can’t help but have visions of students filling camp, enjoying rec, and working missions. Yes, that’s right, working missions.

This summer, a number of students will be coming to camp with purpose of serving the community of Andrews. The Snowbird Missions and Outreach program is a facet of Snowbird that allows students to learn about how to reach people within communities for the Gospel through the use of missions and outreach. During a week of missions students will work on various work projects within the community. SMO students will attend two worships services a day; in the morning, students will attend a SMO specific service with teaching focused missions and serving. In the evening, students will join with the rest of SWO students in a worship sessions. A typical day could be filled with things such as painting, construction work, or cleaning.

For those of you attending SMO this summer, below are some pictures and sneak peeks to get you excited for your upcoming week at camp. We can’t wait to have you here.

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters