Holloway Adoption Update

The Holloways arrived in Kampala around midnight local time on Feb. 7, met with their attorney first thing and then went to the orphanage. They were immediately given access to spend the day with Juliet (JuJu), shown above in Brody’s arms, and Elliot (pronounced “Ariat”), center of photo in red. They’ve had contact with them each day. They even took them out of the orphanage to hang out and get fresh clothes. JuJu has responded very well. Elliot has been quiet and a little standoffish but is warming up.

Tomorrow is the critical day — their court date.

Here are some things Brody has asked prayer for: (Note: Kampala is 8 hours ahead of EST).

  1. The judge shows up to court (4 a.m. EST).
  2. The dads are found for custody to be granted (one has been located and the driver is confident he will find the other).
  3. Brody and Little will rest in God’s sovereignty over the court proceedings.
  4. The judge will rule in favor and grant custody.
  5. The court and legal process will proceed rapidly (4-5 weeks best case scenario; 6-8 weeks average; 11-12 weeks possible).
  6. Passport, Medical and US Embassy processes go without delay.
  7. Continued safety for the Holloways (including Juliet and Elliot) that they will be steadfast and courageous though it all.

Brody invites you to begin praying at 4 a.m. EST and continue until 11 a.m. If things go as scheduled, these hours will cover the entire court proceeding period. Thanks in advance for your prayers and for your continued love and support of the Holloways.

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