And then there were seven

Leaving court with orphanage director, Hillary

The amazing outpouring of support through prayers, texts and social media has blown Little and me away. We are indebted to so many of you and humbled at the size of our extended family in the States. It has been a blistering pace since we arrived, but things are progressing. We took the kids to a local clinic today for checkups, and they are both being treated for worms, parasites and bacterial infections. They will fit right in at SWO!

Thursday and Friday will be important days as we meet with the lawyer to discuss documentation issues. Much prayer will be needed, so please keep it up. We are not surprised that it is working! The prayer of the righteous has much power. God’s people are driving this whole thing, and we are grateful.

We have learned much more of JuJu and Mo’s story, and it is truly an act of God’s grace that he is bringing them out of it. They come from a background of severe abuse and neglect and suffer from pretty intense complications from malnutrition. They are responding so well to our family, and our biological three have been an amazing asset.

One quick story for now:

When we were in the courtroom (six hours in a 90-degree room), the judge asked JuJu if she had the choice, would she go back to the orphanage or back with her great-grandmother or go with us. She pointed straight at Tuck, without hesitation. I cried. The judge then made her biological father pick her up, look at her, and tell her that he didn’t want her and that he couldn’t support her so he was giving her away to us. He told her to be a good girl. It was heart wrenching. I think Little wanted to throw blows with the biological father, and I wanted to let her, only I was broken for this man’s sin and spiritual need. We are trusting God to heal JuJu through Gospel love in our home.

Thank you all for loving Planet Holloway so well.

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