LOGOS Bible Software

Logos is one of the best tools for Bible Study!

Let me tell you where I’m coming from. For the most part, I’m naturally inclined to resist technology. I have a smartphone but I mainly use it to listen to podcasts and check emails. However, I’ve been blown away by the Logos Bible study program. I was hesitant to move away from my paper-oriented Bible study and try something new, but the potential behind Logos is amazing! They offer so many helps right at your fingertips. Just click on a word and it does a study for you incorporating different ways it’s used in the Old and New Testament. It’s unbelievable how fast you can do this. Logos will cut down on time spent turning pages, holding your place, and comparing it to somewhere else. It’s all there on your screen in color diagrams. Not only is it faster and more accurate, it adds more than you could accomplish in your journal.

This isn’t all it can do. In fact, I’m certain that I still don’t have a good grasp on the potential behind this program. If you are going to buy a commentary to help as you study through a book, they have it for a fraction of the cost. Not only do they have it, but it’s searchable. If you’re writing a Bible study, you can just copy and paste it into a Word document and it cites it for you automatically. It’s crazy how much time and effort it saves you.

In addition to this, they are always giving away free books. Every month they have new specials to give away.  These books are also searchable, if you want to know what Richard Baxter thought about parenting you can search “parent” and there you have it.

I’m still a beginner at this but I’m looking forward to figuring it out more. With that said, I highly recommend both Logos and the Faithlife study Bible. You can get them for free on the Logos website or your smartphone or iPod. They are super helpful so check them out and let us know if it helps you in your personal study of God’s Word.

Zach Mabry

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Zach Mabry