From Bobby & Maridith Lane

Some of our former SWO staff, Bobby & Maridith Lane, are serving unreached people groups through the IMB in Africa and have just moved to South Sudan to set up a team there. Read about their travels below, and pray for their family as they continue serving the Lord and proclaiming the Gospel to those who have never heard!

Another Time & Another Place

Happy November to our dear prayer partners!

The past couple of months have not turned out anything like we planned, but God has remained faithful to us & has used this time to prepare us for the task ahead. Since our last update…

We relocated to Uganda’s capital city to study Sudanese Arabic. We found 3 tutors right away who were very eager to teach & equip us to go take the Gospel to their tribe. All 3 of our tutors were Dinka Rek, which is the people group we will work with in South Sudan. They were phenomenal cultural insiders who were able to give us a better understanding of the people we will live among. Two of our tutors are picture above with Maridih, Laurel, and Selvin {center photo} Meet Mama Dorr & Sam! Praise! In 6 short weeks, we were able to reach a conversational level of Arabic and will have no problem using this trade language throughout the markets in our new area. Prayer Request! Pray that we can retain & continue to grow in Arabic in the months to come. Once we relocate, we will begin immediately learning the heart language of our people, which is also called Dinka. We will need both Arabic & Dinka to live & work in the Warrab State of South Sudan.

Speaking of relocation, we will ALL be officially moved on Thursday, November 14th. Robert & Selvin left Uganda with most of our stuff a week ago today. They have been driving for a total of 5 days (with an additional 3 night stop in South Sudan’s capital) and STILL have not yet arrived in our new town. They will reach Kuajok tomorrow late morning and will begin setting up our houses and buying needed supplies. Laurel, Maridith, the children (ages 3, almost 1, and 4 months), and the rest of our stuff will fly out of Uganda on Thursday morning and will reach Kuajok by that afternoon. Prayer Request! Our houses still lack electricity, kitchens, and screens for the windows, so please pray that these things can be completed very soon. It looks like we will all stay in a lodge about 2 hours away from our town until our houses are completed. Pray that our children will make the transition smoothly & that we can all show grace to one another during a challenging transition. We are so excited to get moved in & FINALLY get to the country God laid on our hearts over 5 years ago. We know that nothing is wasted & that He has used this transition time to prepare our hearts for what’s to come. Pray also for the hearts of the Dinka Rek to be ruined by the Gospel message we will carry.

We are grateful to C. and D., two of our fellow IMB missionaries who have assisted us in such a great way during this move. C. made the road trip with Robert & Selvin and has been a tremendous encouragement to them throughout the long, tiring days. D. will fly up with the ladies to assist with the babies on Thursday. They will be a huge blessing to us as we settle in to our new lives. Thank you two for being the hands & feet of Christ to our team. We have so much to learn from you!

Finally, we’d like to take a moment & say thank you to those of you who give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering every year. It is because of your giving that we are able to stay on the field & be obedient to God’s call on our lives. For more information, or to give to Lottie Moon this Christmas, visit the following website:

We are honored to be known & loved by all of you. Thank you for your sacrifice to lift our family up before the Father. We are grateful for your prayers & love!

Robert, Maridith, and Shepherd Lane

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