Ask SWO Anything

Have you ever been sitting in a teaching session at Snowbird, or listening to a podcast online, and wanted to ask a question but didn’t have the opportunity? Or, have you been studying through your daily Bible study and had questions about a few verses you read? Well, we have started accepting questions related to scripture and will be answering one question per week through our blog on the Snowbird website–so ask away! Our passion at Snowbird has always been to challenge students and all believers with the deep truths of scripture, and encouraging diligent study of God’s word to allow the Holy Spirit to move and work in the hearts of man.

When students are at Snowbird, we have share groups after each teaching session to unpack any difficult questions or topics. We do not desire to replace anyone’s personal study of scripture, or personal pursuit of discipleship by their student pastor or pastor. Ask SWO Anything will answer questions by pointing all of us back to the Word of God because it is the ultimate, written revelation of our Lord and serves as the inerrant authority over the life of every believer.

Ask SWO Anything !

John Ragon