One’s Affect for the Gospel – Honoring Michael, Ashlee, Daniel, Suzanne

It has been 5 years since Michael Mabry, Ashlee Kraft, Daniel Branson, and Suzanne Cranford served at Snowbird Outfitters, but their dedication to the Gospel is still affecting lives today. The summer of 2007 was a life changing year for the staff and ministry of Snowbird when a car accident in Atlanta took the lives of 4 SWO staff members and changed the lives of everyone around them.

One’s mind can flood with memories when thinking back on the four of them and their ministry here at camp. Images like: Michael dressed up as a clown at the rodeo, Ashlee always carrying her backpack and wearing a smile, a spotting of Daniel across the camp property with his crazy bushy curly fro and blue bandana, or Suzanne’s sweet spirit and pearl earrings, but what is remembered most about these staff members is their dedication to the Gospel and a devotion to sharing its message with students.  Even though they only spent 4 weeks serving on staff, their impact was huge.  Whether it be cleaning toilets, running rec, leading a small group, or sharing one-on–one with a student, these 4 staff members were devoted to serving the Lord.  We cannot measure the lives that were affected and influenced. They each only worked with two church groups. However, students from those groups took the Gospel back to their family, friends, and churches and the Truth that Michael, Ashlee, Daniel and Suzanne shared with those students was multiplied and spread.   Hebrews 12:1 says we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, witnesses that show us how to live a faithful life to the Gospel.  May we be reminded and challenged by the great cloud of witnesses of Michael, Ashlee, Daniel and Suzanne to live a life dedicated to sharing the Gospel. That is truly the best way to remember them.