Spring Break Missions

Snowbird is busy! People often ask what we do until summer and the answer is…everything!

This week, two different churches have used their spring break to come further the Gospel in Andrews, while working alongside our SMO staff! Cornelia and Hillside United Methodist made their annual trek to the mountains this week and have worked very hard physically and spiritually to share Jesus with our community.

Many of you heard about the tornado that hit Cherokee County at the end of February. It devastated a community call Texana, located on the outskirts of Murphy, North Carolina. Please pray for Snowbird Missions and Outreach as we are repairing roofs on many, many homes that were ruined during the storm. Many residents of this area were without insurance, so we are praying for supplies, grants, and donations of any kind to assist in serving the community of Texana. We have hundreds of students coming this summer to help us work. Praise the Lord, we are going to need all the help we can get!

Pray with us that we will be bold to share our faith with anyone that we connect with as we work. We are very aware that a new roof without Jesus is just a temporary comfort for a lost and dying world.

Keep Snowbird continually in your prayers. Our summer Missions (SMO) staff will arrive next weekend for pre-summer training and the full-time staff will be resting a little to prepare mentally for all that the summer will hold. Fun times around here! Love you guys, and thanks for praying for us!

John Ragon