The Power of Camp

The Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) just recently released a promotional video entitled “The Power of Camp.” Check it out and see if you can spot Snowbird! Here is the link below:

CCCA The Power of Camp

Obviously, no camp has any power in and of itself. The first chapter of Hebrews speaks of Christ upholding the universe “by the word of his power.” Even Jesus always pointed to God the Father as the source of His power to anyone who attempted to give Him praise during His earthly ministry. Looking back on the history of Snowbird, we can all see the hand of God’s direction and blessing…and grace in our mistakes. The power of Snowbird, or any other ministry, rests solely in the power of Jesus Christ and the truth of His word going forth to people. If people remember Snowbird for anything, our prayer is that it will be because God has simply used the ministry here as a tool to disciple believers and boldly proclaim the Gospel to the lost.

How has the power of Christ impacted your life through camp?

John Ragon