Jesus the Founder of Our Salvation

Throughout the book of Hebrews, we see many different aspects of who Jesus is.  Chapter 2 focuses on Jesus as the founder of our salvation.  In chapter 2 verse 5, the author of Hebrews begins to reflect upon Psalm 8.  This psalm describes man being in a position of dominion over the earth.  The author of Hebrews highlights the tension that exists because, while we know God created man in a position of authority, we do not see all things in subjection to mankind right now.  This is a result of man falling into sin when tempted by the devil in the garden.  Instead of creation being subject to man, mankind is now subject to sin and death; and the enemy wields the fear of death to keep us in slavery.  However, the author shows us how Jesus, by His death, won back the dominion we lost.  Jesus became a real human being and shared in everything it means to be human, so “that through death He might destroy the one who has the power of death, that is the devil, and deliver all those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery.”  Jesus’ death was not a display of weakness; it was Jesus waging war against our sin and against our greatest enemies: death and the devil.  Jesus rose victoriously out of death and was “crowned with glory and honor.”  By “tasting death for everyone,” He became the founder, or pioneer, of our salvation.  Jesus blazed a trail from death into glory.  He satisfied the wrath of God and removed the sting from death, so those who believe in Him will never experience the death He experienced.  For the believer, death is now a seamless path from this world into the eternal presence of God.

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