Fundraising Ideas for Your SWO Trip

So you’re coming to Summer Camp. The students are excited, you’re praying for movement, and you’re trying your best to collect money and forms. We know paying for your SWO summer camp trip can be a stressful job. Well never fear, We’ve compiled a short list of effective fundraising ideas we’ve heard over our years in student ministry:

1.) Car Wash Fundraising

Set up a car wash in an approved area and charge a small cost. Make it known that donations are accepted. Many people will give above and beyond your asking price for a good cause!

2.) Parents’ Night Out

This would be a great idea to use right around Valentine’s day. Use a room at your church and have students in the youth group volunteer to watch kids for free and accept donations. It will give parents a fun night out on Valentine’s day, and an opportunity to make some serious money towards your trip to camp.

3.) Spaghetti Lunch/Dinner

Okay, maybe not spaghetti if that’s not your specialty, but something easy to make in mass quantities for a very low cost. Have people sign up for a free lunch at the church following morning service and have the youth group prepare and serve the food. Have a place for donations. Many times, people will donate far beyond what your overhead cost is. 

4.) Yard Sale

Ask the members of your church to donate gently used items to be sold in one big yard sale. This one is a great idea because there’s little to no overhead cost AND people can finally get around to emptying their garages of some of that clutter!

5.) Penny Drives

Divide your youth group into teams with different bottles or containers to fill up with coins and notes. Whatever team fills up the most containers (or fills up their container the fastest) wins a grand prize. This is a simple idea that many times reaps a pretty high amount of money. Plus, it’s really easy!

Want more fundraising ideas? Check out our Pinterest page!

Has your youth group had success with a certain type of fundraiser? Comment below so we can add it to our list.

Happy Fundraising!

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