Guard Yourselves!

That’s the message of 2 Peter 3:17.  The term that is used is actually the same word that one would use to set an armed guard somewhere to protect something very valuable. In this instance, it is our commitment to the truth of God and His promises towards us. We must set an armed guard over our faith so that we are not deceived by false teachers, parading as God’s servants. Peter goes so far as to say that we would actually be carried off, spiritually hijacked and abducted by this false teaching if we are not actively guarding it. He told us that our faith would be questioned in advance and that we must trust Jesus above all else so that we would be prepared. Are you prepared to have people question your faith? Today, you need to stop for a minute and meditate on the truths of God’s promises towards you and allow yourself to be strengthened and comforted by them. Resolve to never sway and to leave your future in the hands of your loving Savior. And then study and meditate on His Word to strengthen your resolve.

Zach Mabry