The Importance of Christian Doctrine

In 2003 Alan Wolfe said, “Evangelical churches lack doctrine because they want to attract new members. Mainline churches lack doctrine because they want to hold on to those declining numbers of members they have.” Wow, what a horrible comment to make about the church in America! I want to make one thing clear; I don’t completely agree with this. I do, however, think it serves as a needed warning. At SWO we are privileged to be a part of hundreds of churches every year and thankfully we see many exceptions to this.

The truth behind this quote is that it that, all too often, people think that doctrine is boring and that it has nothing to do with real life. In response to this, Kevin Vanhoozer, a professor at Wheaton College says, “Doctrine is a vital ingredient in the well-being of the church, a vital aid to its public witness… Far from being unrelated to life, [doctrine] serves the church by directing its members in the project of wise living, to the glory of God… He who is tired of doctrine is tired of life, for doctrine is the stuff of life.”

As a Christian, this should get you super excited. Doctrine is the stuff of life. That’s so true. Think about it. If everything in creation is about giving glory to God (which it is), then what is a better use of your time than to know this God better? The answer is simple: nothing is more important. Please don’t let the Bible and Christian doctrine become boring to you. Click on the resources tab and buy a couple of those books and ask God to use them to make you more like Jesus.

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