God’s Self-Revelation:

Last night in church Rob said that, “apart from God’s gracious, self-revelation of Himself in Jesus we (and all of humanity) would never be able to know anything certain about God and would have no hope for salvation.” My first reaction to that was, “Well, what about how God has revealed Himself in nature?” I mean doesn’t Scripture tell us, “God’s eternal power and divine nature are clearly seen from the things that are made” (Romans 1:20)?  But the more I thought of this the more I realized the truth in what Rob said.
I realized that the creation does testify to God, but all it is capable to do is to point towards a powerful, creator god. But that’s just not enough. Without God revealing Himself fully in Jesus we would have no hope of salvation in this world. You see what I’m talking about?
A lot of people spend time talking about something called, “Natural Theology”. The idea behind this study is to show how the created world has a certain ‘natural order’ that points us to truths about God. But do you see that’s it. All they can do is point to God; leave clues. They cannot show us God. This can only be seen in Jesus. Surely, everything we experience in the natural world makes more sense from a Christian perspective, duh, because it’s true. But if all we had was the natural world then we would never be able to know God. Look at how gracious God has been to us. He was so serious about rescuing us that He (the all-powerful Creator of everything) came to the world as human being. He lived the perfect life for us and took our sin on Himself, so that we could have His righteousness.
Please take time today to reflect on the Gospel and let the Lord show you
how you should live in light of this.

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