Quality Time

The most foundational aspect in the life of the believer is their personal time
with the Lord. This looks different for everybody and goes by many different names.
Some people talk about their “quiet time” or their “personal worship” or even
just “study time”. Whatever you call it, you need to be spending time with God every
day, hearing Him speak to you through His word and meditation, and speaking back
to Him in prayer and worship.
With all that said, we need to remember that what we are doing is living out a
relationship with God. Our goal is to genuinely know God better and to intentionally
become more like Him. It is a real relationship, not just some kind of academic
Often students and staff will leave SWO on a mountain top experience and
they feel like if they can’t spend an hour every morning with God then they are
failing as Christians. But this is just not true. You wouldn’t think this same way about
any other relationship would you? What matters is not making sure that you spend a
certain amount of time with God, but that the time you spend with Him is quality
Think about it the way that you would think about any other relationship.
With your best friend, you don’t go over to their house out of an obligation to
make sure that you spend an hour with them, then after an hour you check that
off your list and go about your day with a clean conscience, do you? No of course
not. You’re more concerned with the quality of the time that you spend with them.
I think that this is the way that God desires us to spend time with Him. He
wants us to wake up every morning looking forward to communicating with Him
and then pausing throughout the day to remember the things that He shared with
us. Please don’t get discouraged because you’re trying to live up to some super-
Christian standard and you feel like you’re failing. God knows you perfectly and He
wants a real, growing relationship with you. Don’t worry about the amount of time
for now, just make sure that you are spending quality time with God everyday and
you’ll grow.

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