Who wants to lose?

I am a sore loser.  I HATE losing.  I remember as a kid that i would get so mad when someone would imply that winning wasn’t very important.  “It’s HOW you play the game”…

I never bought into that. I think that if you are competing, then you better be competing to win.  Otherwise, why bother?  I come from an extremely competitive family, as does Little.  In our home it seems that almost everything can be turned into a competition.  We have made tossing driveway gravel at the mailbox a full blown competition before.  There is no such thing as a “friendly” game of horse when we shoot baskets.  Everything has the weight of a national championship.  That is just how it is.

Well, in this war that we wage against sin and temptation and the devil and the desires of the flesh, it is so exciting and encouraging to know that in the end…WE WIN!!!  I am so motivated by the fact that we will one day stand before Christ, the Warrior-Deliverer.  Last night i preached out of Rev. 19.  The picture there is not one of a humble birth in a manger, to a construction worker father and a teenage mother.  The scene is not a small Palestinian village in a distant world.  Rather, it is a Redeemer-King making war on his enemies once and for all.  In the end we will reign with Christ and worship him and there will be NO sin or death of pain.  Praise the Lord!

Yep, i LOVE winning.

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