We are amazed at how quickly the summer seems to be flying by.  It makes me think of an illustration that I read once, from C.S. Lewis concerning the passage of time.  The fact that we are created for eternity is seen in the way that we recognize so easily the way time passes. I can remember when I was a kid that I would always be annoyed at the way older folks would comment on the fact that I was “growing like a weed”.  If I went for a few months or even a few weeks without seeing them, they would comment that I had grown a lot and then make the statement that time was “flying by”.  Well, time was not going by any faster than it usually does, but we are created with eternity in our hearts.

Too many of us long for the things that this world and this life offers us.  We should have our minds and affections set firmly on Christ, and keep an eternal perspective.  We are often dissatisfied with the things of this life and we tend to long for more of what the world says that we need to be happy.  The only thing that will ever bring us true joy and happiness is Christ.  He is eternal.  Our hearts and souls are eternal.  We need something of eternal value to bring us joy that is bigger than the dissappointments and pursuits of this world.  Neither this phase of life, nor the next one, will bring any more happiness.  That is, not unless we are alive in Christ.

I pray that as time passes, you will press into Christ.  Disappointment is temporary.  His joy is eternal.