New Beginnings

Welcome to the brand new Official SWO website!  A lot of you have been anticipating this as much as we have and it is finally here.  I am writing this after a long evening of teaching here at camp as we prepare the SWO10 summer staff (it is almost midnight).  Staff training started on Monday and I really love this time of year because i anticipate the arrival of the new staff so much every year.  I think the two things I get most excited about in this ministry is the arrival of the first summer staffers, and the arrival of those of you who will show up on Monday of week one for summer camp.

Well, this last year I can honestly say that I have had equal anticipation for the new website to launch, and to be honest, I have wondered at times if it was really gonna happen!  Well, here it is!  I look forward to keeping everyone posted on what is going on here at SWO and pray that this will be a good tool for you to really grow in your pursuit of Christ.  I also am excited to have such an awesome tool and I think it looks great.  Let us know what you think, and let us know what is going on in your world.

See you soon,


Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters